Who is Burnloungaz? Well my name is Sean Van Linda-Looney, I was born in Portland Maine on September 8, 1988. My Dad was in the Navy and my Mom was a House Wife. When I was born I allready had a brother and a sister. My mom and dad met through my moms ex-husband in the Navy, they became drinking buddies and i guess they fell in love and got married. 2 years after my birth my mom and dad seperated and had a big legal custody battle and my dad ended up with me and my older brother and sister. See my mom and dad's stories of how they seperated are different, so i am going to tell you both starting with my dad since he got me.

My dads story.

My dads was in the navy so he was over seas to some unknown place cause I was just a kid and didnt know what was going on anyways. My dad says that he had a friend look out for my family to make sure we were safe and not murdered and every now and then he would stop by and check on us. His friend started noticing police at my house all the time and would ask the police why they where there every time. The reasons they got was my mom was on drugs and neglecting us. They said that I was seen crawling down the street naked, me, my brother and sister where locked in rooms, I was left in a play pen untill the fome on the bottom had worn out circles at the bottom, basiclly stuff like that. After hearing that stuff my dad decided to devorce my mom and take her to court for custody. during the case my mom decided to take us children to canada and eventually was caught. Thats what one the case. then the judge got the ruling that my dad got custody and told him to take us out the back door befor the judge told my mom the ruling. that was just a short on his story.

My mom's story.

When my mother asked for money to feed us and get us what we need, cause he was over seas, he didnt want to part with his money. Previous to that my dad was making us live of of food stamps and he was making $2500 a month and we lived on base housing. he did not because he was removed for abusing me, my mom, my brother and sister. After that he called my step mom, at the time my dads ex girl friend and started fighting for custody. In 9 months he only visited twice with my step mom.  He continued to fight for custody, when the divorce date came up my mom was in the hospital for surgery and could not make it. when the divorce date came her doctor said she could not go to court for 4 weeks and the judge gave temporary custoday of me, my brother and sister to my dad. My mom never turned us over because my dad threatend to kill my brother. so my mother left the hospital against medical advice and my grand mother and my mom packed up a car and left for indiana with family then eventually went to canada and went to a family home. as we where coming back to america to miami, the border patrol caught us and the judge gave custody to my dad. After that my dad went from state to state filing false reports for custody and my mother could not afford to keep up. During his court hopping us kids where with my step mom. In all the states he reported that my mom abandoned us when infact my mom did not know where we where. After six years my mom eventually filed to get her 50% entitlement for the divorce and there was a warent for his arrest and he fled the state. 

I dont know which one  is true (remember i was only 2) so make your assumptions after reading this full story.

After that My dad and us kids and my step mom state hopped for what i assume was cause the navy. When me my brother and sister moved in with my step mom I had 2 new brothers. 1 step brother (the oldest of the five) and 1 half brother (the youngest).I lived in allmost every state on the east coast durring my childhood.  I Remember alot of fun times with my dad till we got to virginia. Thats when my dad was no longer going over seas at 6+ months at a time. When he finaly got stationed in norfolk, Va (The place that I call home) thats when he got to be the dad that I grew to hate. From the time I moved to virginia to the time I turned 18 I never had a full month of freedom. I would make strait c's and up and my dad would have us grounded. for that whole ten years I was kept from the world. grounded to my room with nothing to play with except plastic armymen and dyecast cars. for every D any of us 5 kids got on the report card we where beaten with a belt to make our backs striped like a flag. we where told to not tell the teachers at school and sometimes we where kept from school because he went massive over board and hit our arms or necks. my step brother was literally thrown into walls untill he later moved with his real dad. at the begining of the time we lived in Va, my dad was still going over seas for the navy, that lasted for 2 more years. after 5 more years he retired and he had all day and every day to do as he pleased with us which was more of the previous shit. After a year of him being unemployed he finally got a job where he was gone for the week and home on the week end.

 after my step brother left me and my half brother where the brand new punching bags. i was thrown threw walls and punched kicked thrown on the ground and all that kind of stuff. my sister was daddies girl but my older brother was daddies precious gem, he got what ever he wanted when he wanted, he never got in trouble. anything he did wrong he said me and my halfe brother did and he lived to get through high school with no worries. he got Ap classes, joined the soccer team and lived in my dads shadow and joined the navy. my sister just jgot away with alot of stuff but wasnt pampered she grew up to be a manager at pet smart. Me, when i got to high school I began to skip school and say i was staying after school just so i could have a small ounce of freedom. eventually it caught up with me and i was 18 still in the 11th grade sneaking out of the house at night to go drinking, getting a misdemenor charge for shop lifting and was getting beat around and kicked out every week for 2-4 weeks at a time. i was using money i saved up that i had from a job at subway. so i eventually ran out of money and was stuck haing to move out.

now being 18 still in highschool and having only heard bad things about my mother, I needed a place to go and fast. my friends didnt have a place of there own so I was stuck making a hard desicion. live on the street and maybe die, or move with my biological mother. when i turned 18 she called me. so i knew where she lived. So i decided to move with my mother in arizona taking a very large chance. She didnt turn out that bad, I have 2 half sisters and im older than them. This was great i had all the freedom i wanted. i could stay up late, go out when ever i wanted and accually get my life going. so i did.lol

in arizona i got 14 high school credits in 2 months and graduated with a 4.0. i didnt make good grades in virginia but in arizona i got strait A's and since the 2 states are in diferent regeons virginias grades where non transferable so thay did not count against my gpa. After that I joined the marines made it threw 2 of the 3 months then a drill instructor decided that he wanted to scuff dirt in my eyes while Giving me I.T. (intense Training) a work out that is centered as a punish ment, next to a porta potty so now im blind in one eye. the shit in the dirt gave me severe pink eye andit ate something in my eye. so now im waiting for my Compensation check attempting to get a job (which is hard when your blind in one eye). I have nothing better to do than play with my laptop and take 5 Motrin for every headache i get that theblindness is causeing. so thats my life story in a nut shell.


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